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The individual pieces that form Suite Aotearoa are not in any set order. They can be played separately or in a different sequence. The following is the order I chose for the Suite Aotearoa cd produced by Atoll. I felt this particular order allowed the pieces to flow smoothly from one to another, with opening and closing taonga puoro solos.


1. Tatangi Whakatau (Horomona Horo)

2. Convergence / Te Putahitanga (Horomona Horo / Leonie Holmes)


3. Sumner Tides (Salina Fisher)

4. Te Puna / The Blue Springs (Horomona Horo / Michael Williams)

5. Jupiter and Venus (John Psathas)

6. Kapareira / Even the gods are confused (Horomona Horo / Charles Te Ahukaramu Royal)

7. Wera / Heat (Yvette Audain)

8. Pepetuna / Ghost Moth or Puriri Moth (Horomona Horo / Helen Bowater)

9. Te Ngaru / The Waves (Kenneth Young)

10. a single note of rock (Horomona Horo / Eve de Castro-Robinson)

11. Rakiura Lights (Anthony Ritchie)

12. Te Aho Tatangi / Tears of Light - (Horomona Horo)

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